Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Thoughts

I wonder what he would do
When asked to forgive
A creature who had killed
Hundreds in a day
With endless hate
And thirst for more!

I wonder what miracle
He with his love will conjure
And heal the wounded souls,
Who, charred for life
With bloody loss
Have lost the faith to hope.

I wonder without answer.

I only hope he comes
And cleansing all our souls
Of roaring storms
Of hate and rage
Lifts our hearts to light and peace
As like sunlit clouds in May.

I hear your hollow laugh;
Somewhere back, another blast.

1 comment:

Robert said...

I see you have ended your poem with a prayer for heal.I am reminded of Michael Jackson's Heal The World.We can only pray -- be it me,you or MJ.You had managed to end 2008 on a note of change,hope and bravado in the last poem.Lets pray yet again for something positive,something better to happen somewhere in our world and let's hope you would be able to write a couple of hopeful,happier poems before the year ends and walk towards a fresh tomorrow.We can only pray on our paths to redemption.