Friday, December 18, 2009

Refuse to be Herd

Drudging through the mire of measureless night

I stumble and start and shiver to the soul,

Bracing for a fate that’s unchartered yet.

Writhing through the pain I wonder how long

My hands can hold our unawakened dream

And save from loss that unparalleled gleam.

And still do I hear the roar of that storm

That threatens to burst with fire and hail

And lay our crops to waste –

Smothered into molecules of unredeeming hate.

Still would I sing and bellow through the bone

The voice of a man with a mind of his own.


Robert said...

a merger between a love poem and a "struggle" topic. juncture possibly, in your development as a poet

Robert said...

I have always said I like your love poems.Take a look at this Ask your lady if she agrees and then write the next love poem.Best of luck and happy V-day!!!