Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Sonata

Hands unextended
Beneath the weight
Of that still second
And gape at the void
Where meanings are jumbled in pain.

I’ve stuttered in halls of sepia-coloured pics
And peeped beyond edges that are frayed.

Crouched in the hollows I hear
Echoes of yellow in green,
And measure in an incomplete scale
Topos of absence and loss.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh yes, this is good!! You have imbued your piece with the colours, and the last line adds the emotional element. I love the title too.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Quite a different take on autumn colors. An evocative little poem that captures a simple moment in time but with complex emotion. Very well done!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Crouched in the hollows, I hear echoes...." so lovely.

Kay L. Davies said...

Very well done, Abin. I agree with Kerry, the title is perfect.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Grace said...

nice use of colours ... your piece is echoing of sadness ~

Susie Clevenger said...

Love it...such an original description of autumn

Mystic_Mom said...

Great color use, I liked this take on autumn.

Anonymous said...

I like this very much, Abin. In spite of the beauty that comes with autumn, this is essentially how I feel too - the pathos, pain of loss, confusion.

I’ve stuttered in halls of sepia-coloured pics

Beautiful line.

Robert said...

The sepia halls are precious.The faded gold seek to remind you of a past that shall remain.Hands perhaps shall not reach but the thought,the rememebrance shall touch the frayed edges and make them smile again. It's always a heart that craves and cries

sayan said...

riot of colors

Anonymous said...

I’ve stuttered in halls of sepia-coloured pics -> is a very intriguing statement