Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butterfly Dreams

The cerulean sky has oozed in her eyes
With sunshine of winter unfurled.

And even as I bask in the shimmers of her gaze
I'm caught in the tangles of glowing copper locks
That ensnare my dream-dappled heart.

My truant eyes curl on stripes of her coat
And glide towards buttons full of mesmerized hope
And latch onto that necklace with despairing claws
As a drowner would cling to his straws.

Here among days full of academic bore
Such be the visions that'll shine through my nights
Even as I shiver to my bones.

And even as I lapse into familiar fuss,
With veins being stilled as if stoned,
These summer wonders will streak through my dark
With blossoms that'll sprout through the rocks.

Braced for the whiplash of shame through my days
I save through these words the petals that'll rain
And change our pebbles into cotton-flower clouds
That float beyond deadline and deals to a home
Where bluebirds and butterflies roam.


Anonymous said...

Amazing poem, the second verse especially. Eyes being where they ought not to be, buttons meaning more than fasteners, the necklace good. This one definitely stands out, very impressive work.

asteria's canvass said...

you are among those who have great sense of imagination and equallly capable of puttinh it in words..gteat job..

Grace said...

I like the vision of beauty, a summer vision amidst the winter cold ~

Love that last stanza, where bluebirds and butterflies roam ~

Good to see you Abin ~

Brother Ollie said...

nice the imagery of the birds and butterflies gives such hope

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Your opening lines grabbed me and each stanza is like a jewel--beautiful work!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So many lovely lovely lines and images - the dream-dappled heart, the cotton-flower clouds. Such lovely writing. Reading it was like experiencing an early spring!

Mary said...

You captured my attention right away with one of my favorite words - "cerulean" and i enjoyed all the imagery in your poem, especially 'blossoms that'll sprout through the rocks' and 'change our pebbles into cotton-flower clouds.' Strong writing here all the way through.

Laurie Kolp said...

And even as I bask in the shimmers of her gaze
I'm caught in the tangles of glowing copper locks
That ensnare my dream-dappled heart

This is wonderful, Abin!

Jinksy said...

Who wouldn't long for bluebirds and butterflies?:-) Lovely pictures...

Helen said...

Found myself returning to .. 'with sunshine of winter unfurled' a lovely image to contemplate.

Marian said...

this is beautiful, Abin, that third stanza is particularly striking to me... but i read it as less hopeful than despairing, this one gem, or light, only remaining on which to cling or hang any hope that remains. very striking, particularly gorgeous and affecting.

Herotomost said...

Cotton flower clouds is a huge description. It reminds me of my yoiung man hopes and desires from day to day but being consumed with things thrust upon me by the outside world. Being a romantic (as I think that you are) this brings me to a place where I would do anything for that first minute...or maybe just one more. Great Writing.

Susie Clevenger said...

Bluebirds and butterflies..two of my favorite things. Love the imagery in this...

Margaret said...

And change our pebbles into cotton-flower clouds

Rather an intriguing image!

TCPC said...

butterflies buzzing in happiness found in love!



GoddessChhavi said...

What a dream! Love it. Abin, I awarded you the Liebster blogging award: