Sunday, August 29, 2010

Concert of Pain

Why should I bother
To struggle and totter
And bear on my back
Ventilated passions
Or coagulated dreams
Which never shall glow
Or bloom through the vein
With vivacious songs
Of first monsoon rain?

I'll play out my days
As fabricated ads
Of mismatch and mess
In stultifying maze.

Silences struggle
And string together tears -
Elegies in flame
In concert of pain.


Robert said...

well,i am sorry but i think you can improve upon this piece. this is a fragment of a more organic whole i felt. atleast you can add some more 10 lines or so and sew the ideas together. the completeness of a poem is absent somehow. do add some more if u can. hope you dont mind, just a little suggestion.

Robert said...

ok,now it looks so much better.I dont have an active profile as i dont write.Sorry about that but sadly,i cant write.I love reading poetry blogs and your speciality are your love poems.They are great,so emotional and romantic,especially her descriptions and your enwrapture in love.Splendid.When are u going to post your next love poem?