Friday, August 6, 2010

Devising a Diction

Devise if you can,
Some diction for a soul,
To frame her face
Through words that are not
Dipped in the rust
Of advertised songs
Or sullied with grease
Of titilating films;
But offer through the rhythm
Of palpitating beats
The dionysiac dance
Of one sudden glance
And strum through the heart
The ripples of love -
Condensed in a smile
Spilling through her lips.

Dredging my soul, I struggle for a tune
To harness my dream in unparalleled gleam.


Robert said...

a good poet you are. there is a musical quality to your writing. loved the last 8 lines in the first stanza. keep it up.


couldnot help but get stuck to the rhythmical essence f ur poetry..