Friday, May 6, 2011

Nightmare II

The pillars and beams
Of palace of dreams
Crumble and Crackle
And pile into rubble
In fields now rank with weeds.

The eyes in the bushes
The whisper in the air
Now thicken in the dark
That is torn with claws
Which are stained and brown with blood.

Sniffing then the scent of preys and flesh
I hear their paws,
As they circle and wait -
Sinews and jaws of poised intent.

Staring in the dark I bide
Time for the pounce of fate.


Robert said...

Liquid language.But what violence,phew!Vengeant,vulgar,vicious.I was restrainig myself from commenting 'coz somehow as I read this piece,I could visualise two highly strange scenes.One is Laden's face.Second is,the friends of Diego who lurked around to eat Manny,Sid and the baby.I could plain see those scenes from IceAge.You might find it highly obtuse I thought,if I tell you,so I didnt comment.Now that I did,dont mind.

Abin Chakraborty said...

dont mind at all.I remember that scene.though I didnt have it in mind while writing the lines.
the thing is I have seen and read too much violence around me for the last couple of years and its unlikely to ebb.for those of us who neither commit nor endorse violence, the case is too grim and helpless.

Robert said...

Hello! Sing again,will you?When you have time ofcourse.Name it The Pebble Song.Wanna hear how you sing it :)

Robert said...

Yes yes,nobody sings a pebble song. They sing of dead cockroaches and messy things,nobody sings a pebble song.