Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'd rather be the tinges of light on her lips
Than spend our hours thus far.

Even as nectar that drips along stem,
In days that are drunk full of spring,
So would I cling as striplings of light
And flicker on her curves with abandon and zeal
With ecstasy of surrealist thrill.

Or would I tangle in truant little locks
And swing by with grace her forehead and cheeks
Which beckon as if shores to a sailor now lost
With songs that'll gallop through your veins.

Or would I dangle as rubies in ears
That dazzle my eyes among hot summer waves
And glow as if lighthouse in dark brooding storm
With light that'll shine through my nights.

These be the fond little hopes of a heart
That seals itself tight with professional keys
And speaks nothing more than is must.
Bound by the fishnets of duties and don'ts,
The artisan of words now discards his ware
And engraves his lot to an adoration blessed,
Distant and silent at once.


asteria's canvass said...

poetic sadness is always beautiful..

Vandana Sharma said...


sayan said...

one of your recent bests..some of the images are wonderful..the poem flows...like the song in her veins...one of those poems which make you come closer to the screen while reading..a brings a smile on one's lips when posting a comment about it with relish

adhi das said...

emotional lines flowing from the heart..GOD<3U

Matthew John Davies said...

A feast.

Amber said...

This is breath-taking you have me at the first lines. I wish I could write this exquisitely! Consider me impressed!

I am

Lisa A. Williams said...


Mary said...

This poem makes me want to say "Ahhhhhhh." Such beautifully expressed love.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Abin you are such a master at the subtle--just gorgeous!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Gloriously penned, Abin. Your closing lines are breathtaking........I think just showing your love this poem would do the trick! Never keep silent when it comes to love is my motto (sadly I'm too late smart, kiddo!)

Jennifer Wagner said...

I can feel the longing in this. Rich and beautiful Abin.

Unknown said...

Beautiful description of the pain of unrequited love.

Jinksy said...

Bound by the fishnets of duties and don'ts

Aren't we all?! :)

Titus said...

I enjoyed the homage to the Metaphysicals, and loved the playing with light in imagery of the central stanzas.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Or would I tangle..
Or would i dangle..

I love the musicality of your lines, always rich with fine thought and imagery.

Laurie Kolp said...

Beautiful... I especially like the second stanza.

Marian said...

awwww, the silence. sigh.

kaykuala said...

So would I cling as striplings of light.And flicker on her curves with abandon and zeal.With ecstasy of surrealist thrill.

The yearnings and moaning of love will be but a temporary irritant. It will eventually right itself with bliss and ecstasy. Nicely Abin!


Kay L. Davies said...

A beautiful poem of love lost, full of longing and pain.

Anonymous said...

Abin, my first time here, thanks to Real Toads! This poem has that melancholy of a true lover.

The best line, for me, was "Bound by the fishnets of duties and don'ts," playing off "do's" in a creative way.

Loved reading this aloud. Thanks for posting at Real Toads! Amy

Brother Ollie said...

Nice work Abin - you had me from the first line. Your work is so well crafted.

Scarlet said...

A passionate voice Abin, specially the opening verse ~ But I would not be silent though, but speak of such light and storm ~

Herotomost said...

The visuals in this one make it shine brilliantly. Love on the lamb brings to mind so many different emotions as a man. Acceptance may be the driving force of the universe for males, and until such time we shall meter out our love in half hatched dinner plans and trips to the Hamptons, all the whlie eating our supper alone and dreaming of that warm place. Great writing...made my morning.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the musical feast of love - an adoring love that seems spellbound!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

What wonderful words -how I would love to be loved thus.

So sad your words are bound...

Anna :o]