Saturday, July 16, 2011

Circus of Fear

Rubble has blocked our gates.
Buried in heaps
Of girdles and beams
We peep in fear
And browse in the dark -
Homes we had fled
Are razed in flames.

Still the world laughs
And fawningly accepts,
Democratic farce
Of homeless and dead.

Driven into flocks
Of manufactured need,
We've lost our cells
To feel others' loss
And parrot like apes
What's printed and screened.

Left without a net,
We trapeze in the air
As blank stares gawk
In a circus of fear.


Robert said...

loved the last four lines, awesome!

Kerry O'Connor said...

A circus of fear - that sums it up all too well. Your words touched deeply. Too many people are forced to live in this way, without hope of relief.

Thank you for sharing your work on Real Toads today.