Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cry Mumbai!

'These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree'
                                                   Gerontion, T.S. Eliot                   

For us, the scrolling stats and pics;
For you, the jaws of tightening fear.
Blood, rubble, corpse and tears –
Packed for us in distant calm,
Garnished with all expert views.

Who knows where the experts are
When your streets are ripped in flames!

Faintest glimmer of hope must die
Here the death of thousand bombs,
For some to climb on skulls to reach
Heavenly horde of whores of God!

These the digital tears I have –
How else to weep and mourn your loss?
What else for us who safely watch
Mortal wounds you daily bear?

The neighbour’s child has painted red
The sea that laps your hapless shore.



The Death-knell continues,
Unheard of...
The Fake Politicians engulf
"Cry Mumbai"!

Robert said...

Bomb-bay ... nam hi kafi hai! makes it an easy bombed place, see? deaths are a regular toll now. freud freud freud --- he was so ryt. people cant exist without bleeding others. blasting apart fellow men. hate the human race at times

Chronicles of Illusions said...

very powerful

Anonymous said...

eloquent words.

Anonymous said...

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Keep it up.

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