Friday, November 15, 2013


Words now are feeble and strained as I try
To condense my decades of splendour you'd sprung
To metres and rhymes that hardly comply,
Now in this moment of one final flash
That is torn between agony and joy.

So how might I voice
The tears you had driven
Or fears you had pulled
And how with your stance
My heart would just prance
And leap beyond doldrums of failure and stress
To a world that is painted with mountaineous strength
Shining with beams that have lifted from dark
Billions of palpitating hearts.

Guidance in darkness and solace in grief
You sprinkled your gems on our dim-dying days
Which have throbbed with your strokes ever since.

Even as the minutest flower that breathes
Wonders of fragrance to the sunshine in morn
Read, if you care, these verses of mine
Offered in gratitude and reverence without end.


Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

well said my friend

Brian Miller said...

the first two lines of the last stanza say so much to me..that even the flowers you know....i like the affection for them as well....for what they gave to you...

sayan said... well well written...

Anonymous said...

Second stanza, a lot of great lines. Tears being driven, as though something is behind them, so much admiration it's like a force in the narrator's head.

I love the description of a heart prancing beyond lackaday life.