Friday, October 22, 2010


Arrivals, departures, delays -
Endless train of winding queues
Matched with twang of monotone calls.

The stale air swivels
Through the doors and drags
Its belly to the seats
And after a curious glance or two
More and more of twangs and queues.

But there she came
In brightest blue
And in strokes of instant charm
All my sighs were filled with sky
Fragrant then with dawning light
That shoots my soul in joyous flight
Into the realms of fancy's bliss
Chiming now with lilting peace.

And then my call to join the queues...

Check in your visions and leave.
The world flies like thrown rocks -
Further both from dawns and dreams.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's In A Name?

I puzzle and puzzle
To name those words
That soothe my nights
As coastal breeze
And flow through us
As rainbow bridge
Lighting up my shabby nights
With all the glow and glimmer of
Brightest hues in vital dance.

I am the forest who sings
My tunes back to sea.

"Categorize, categorize" -
Hammer on the anvil blows.

I shrug and gaze at distant gleam
As our words awake to dawn
And fill my heart with morning scent
Fragrant with that nameless song
That knows no species
Neither cares
But breathes a rainbow world in dreams
To which my days do daily pace.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clamouring Silence

How should I confess
My lonely days
To one who does gaze
At my robes and stares
At jewels and gems
And feels what she sees
To be the real deal?

I can't make a show
Of misery and sorrow
And wallow
In the charity you throw!

Words are just all
That I'll ever have.
So if there's one
Who cares and craves,
Read on, I say -
Decipher if you dare.
(But try not to curse
If you find only you)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ulysses Redux

My days pass as
A series of empty halls
Where the silence confers
With dark echoes
Beyond the bustle of the teeming street.

The compass fails to map
The deepening depths of
Silent seas
From where no spirit shall
Rise and guide in dreams
My ships to throbbing shores.

O Father have you forgotten me?!

Voyage without end -
Parched passion, in dry eyes.