Sunday, November 21, 2010

Midnight Musings

Too long the breath of nights –
As I long for a text
To pour out my thoughts
And hope for a nod
Or a glint or a wink
That at least would feign
The hint of a bond
And lift my eyes from caged unrest
That yearns and waits
For musings at night
Which could my soul
Now soothe and bless
With lips that linger with hope and fear
And voice that hums with rhythm and dance
The dreams that roll in lanes of soul
And promise in blaze the hope for a whole
Beyond this rubble I so long have borne.

The tones then clamour and shout from my cell
The news of FLATS and CARS and SALE!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Musically Yours...

(To Madhavi…for those who know)

The shadows now glisten
And quicken my pulse
As shrouds now shatter
Like clouds in summer
To usher the songs of spring
That sing, through bones and veins
With palpitating strains
And thrall my soul
With calls that gleam
And burst through the seams
Of petrifying times
To dance and dance
In paradisal trance
Till visions and dreams and songs can weave
The tapestry of art I never shall leave
And thus memorise
From eve to sunrise
Her essence that knows no bounds of space
But compacts itself
Into moment’s incense
And resonates in me
With soul and sense
The chimes of stars
That praise and bless:
‘Rejoice! Rejoice!
Rejoice! Rejoice!’.