Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twilight Train

Sun-soaked ride of twilight train,
where I see just you and me,
And the light and shades, they play
hide and seek on dimpled cheeks
Shining still with moonlit smiles
Bubbling through her spring-red lips.

Drenched in drowning urban rain
This the muse of lonesome heart,
As through winding wetgreen lanes
Weave I secret questing steps.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Restless Ghosts

Beyond the frenzied crowds that cheer
I hear the rustling restless ghosts
Who pace my darkened rooms and muse
What their corpses meant for those
Who on streets now dance and sing.

One by one those wounded heads
Rise from streams of blood and call:
"Where's the price of martyr's blood?
How much long the sanguine trail
From our huts to thrones of blood?"

Dazed in scenes of mindless joy,
Mine is only helpless loss.

Down below in perfect sun,
Feasting ants and maggots run
Nibbling on some trampled flesh
Fanned awhile in gentle breeze.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Nightmare II

The pillars and beams
Of palace of dreams
Crumble and Crackle
And pile into rubble
In fields now rank with weeds.

The eyes in the bushes
The whisper in the air
Now thicken in the dark
That is torn with claws
Which are stained and brown with blood.

Sniffing then the scent of preys and flesh
I hear their paws,
As they circle and wait -
Sinews and jaws of poised intent.

Staring in the dark I bide
Time for the pounce of fate.