Monday, December 26, 2011

Inside the Chapel of Kebble College, Oxford

Awed by the sky-rising towers of grace
With silence in steps I trickle my way
And stand in the half-light of altars and pews,
Puzzled in the majesty of panels and vaults.

Stirred to my veins, I gaze on those walls
And struggle to now gauge with unblinking eyes
The palette of faith that coloured those lines
And dazzle our empirical eyes.

I tremble and fold my unbelieving knees
And leave with whispers of prayers in the air
To fields of unclouded sunshine and green. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Tower and The Lark

Shores I had strolled with comrades-in-arms
Are gathered in the silence of night.

Cradled in hollows of chambers of waves
Our laughter and song now fade beyond sense
And paper my feet with sand.

Dolphins with mates have heard other calls
And vault and leap in harmony of flight
To waters that glisten elsewhere.

Here yet I stand, with memories entombed
And muse in th’shadows of moonlighted coves
That warble with stars in concert of heart
Libretto of lone-ranging lark.

And even as banners of dawn unfurl
I gaze at his flight, into clouds of light
And bend my ways with cotton-blossom hearts
To quarters up top in lighthouse on rocks.

Battered with waves and scraped by winds
It stands still strong among nettles and weeds
And scorns our whining with shelters in storm.

Spanned along spaces of shores and of stars
I reach for th'music that's rooted yet soars.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Songs that’ll blow into a Sun

Signs we had taken for hope
Are tattered and mired in streets.

And vultures now hover
Over corpses of claims –
Claims that are rotting in drains.

How does one strive,
And sustain one’s faith
In times, as hooded as these?

Leaves that’ll wither
On branches in chill
Have siblings in spheres elsewhere.
There they must bloom,
In Amazonian gloom
While ours may loosen and fall
And send us their scents
In darkest of nights
For breaths that’ll blow into a song.

So, shackled in nights of fear and pain
We count our losses and hum
Songs that’ll blow into a Sun..