Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tears too are Pebbles

Murals on walls are torn with claws,
That are splattered with webbings of red.

Hidden among advertised alleys of filth
Tears too are pebbles on sand.
So how should I pray with burst-open veins
To clouds of uncremated bones?

Pinned through my heart by pincers of loss,
My streets now are seasoned with hate.

Light so now thickens with shadows of dead
That bristle with shame and gobble our days
With filigree of ashes and smoke.

Chequered and charred with ensanguined mist
We search for a surge that is must.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Figures full of straws now babbled on stage.

The air crumpled like old newspapers.

But there at the corners of the hall,
She glowed on heels like a long-stemmed rose
And burst to my eyes as a lone-beam of sun
On days that are cluttered with clouds.

Babble now dimmed, and people were thinned
As the air played with violins and flute
Ballads of the twilights we hadn't yet shared.

Eyes now are autumnal lake
Queened by an isolated swan.

Far beyond crowds of meaningless talk
Her's is the sun to my unwavering globe
That shoots through my sunflowering soul.