Monday, April 23, 2012

Keeping Score

My cluttered words now flap
As truce-flags in dry wind.

Crawling towards hope that
Dare might mean
They stutter and falter
And cringe into a blank
That leaves my page unimproved.

Scalding in unremitting heatwave at noon
I stagger with soles now pasted in pitch
With a tongue that is parched to the root.

Born and bred amidst rubbish and grime
These my droplets of void that’ll keep
Scores of loss of disposable hopes. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Too long a service of patience and pain
Breeds new cacti in gardens of heart
That wear their winters all year.

Tired with the crumblings of leaves through my valves,
I puzzle for the breezes of spring that’ll blow
Never now even for a week.

Should I still beg more patience and strength
To last my hours still oozing with blood,
Or elixir of perfection, well beyond reach
That’ll mould me a god out of clay?

Blistered and bled, I stagger through the sand
And scatter as twigs in nor’wester land. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Behind the Market

Beady little eyes,
Now jostle in the den
And wait for the morsels
Or gills that’ll drop
For moments of insatiate claws.

Furry little limbs, now poised with rage
In primordial struggles in republic of hate.

Running along napkins of Mcdelicious sauce,
They scatter through the packs of Subways in trash
And gobble our leftover of Domino’s in haste.

Sipping through my can of diet-loving fizz,
I pause and then rush to my Prada in sale.