Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zone beyond Words

There should be a zone beyond words -
a space beyond fences of bruised little selves
no trenches of guilt
no papers to settle the scores you'd kept
nor even baggage of problems unsolved.

A zone beyond words
where desire will dance
with rhythms of our hearts
and breathe in an ecstasy of limbs.

A zone beyond words
where lips that would kiss would part for no words
and the script of our eyes would clearly suffice
for a rhapsody of light in our tides.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yet Again

Between us then throbbed,
An aisle full of blank
With templates of questions all set.

But I who had fumbled in stairs without lights,
Lost all my ladders to the bridge.

Haltered with clauses that never reach a close,
I stumble and puzzle amid punctuation marks
And leave all my wonder on stations I've left
And linger with abdicated grace.

Tottering on ledges full of unwelcome moss,
I re-live my dreams amid harbours of dross.