Monday, July 13, 2020

Scenes of Blight

Dry leaves waft in the lengthening shadows of day
As I gaze at the moss, the cracks 
and the walls that have all turned gray.

Here in the morass of glimmers of past
The rust on the shutters of long-locked shops
Have fused with the layers of dust.

The hoardings are down, the neon lights gone
The flags and the festoons are vanished or torn.

No crowd no light no cheer from a herd
Under these roofs will be seen or heard.

Only the walls, splintered and peeled
Will stand and witness the weather worn streets
And mourn what is missing and lost.

Such too are scenes you might find
In some human ties that bind.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Twilight Trance

The muslin twilight spreads over skin
And reawakens in pores
Some memories of falls
Blurred and worn
But fragrant with nicotine and sandalwood soap
That plays on the breeze some sonata on flute
Which chimes with the rhythm of your touch
And lulls my whole city to a sleep.

Till screams of headlines on channels intrude
And dash us into earth as we drown.