Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rehearsing an Old Plot

Woven in mist

Their faces

Appear in my dreams

And stalk

The spiraling stairs

Of heart

And with lips entice

As I swoon

In trance

And taste at once

The unforeseen bliss

That drips

From those eyes

And fills up my cup

And spills…

Away from the doses of grime and grease

From struggling silence

And fretted unease

Their songs now call to my soul

As I roll

As a fish that is coiled in a net

Of trust and duty and who knows what else.

I am drunk in my dreams

And hope

For a flight

With angels of light

Who I know shall fly

With others elsewhere

Beyond my gaze

In unflinching haze.

And still do I dream

And conjure in vain

Those eyes, those lips

Those enchanting songs

That drag my ship

To who knows what shore

And toss my soul

As a cloud in a storm

That hopes for a flash

To pour out in rain

Songs of a hymn that is unheard of yet!

I tussle with life to sail in my dreams

Punctuating days

With half-hearted screams.