Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soul Survivor

Batter and bruise and roar all you want
Bear your fangs and pierce through the bone
Do all that you can to pain and gain,
And rack my soul with fire and coal –

I will not bow, I will not roll.

But settled and safe in the fort of my soul
I’ll smash all your bolts and grab your gusts
Till all your fury is spent and must yield
At last to a soul that dares to be lone.


Sui Generis said...

waah! like amorous birds of prey ;)
pardon my deconstruction..i liked the poem.As ever, it is awesome!

Neil said...

unshaven !!!! some tastes are best when bitter....

will keep n eye on u m(i)aster!!!

Unknown said...

This is a very nice poem of yours. Very quotable, should I say? I can almost feel these stuff in my bones nowadays. Its almost like taming a wild horse,na?