Friday, May 14, 2010

A Pawn to his Queen/s

I wonder by what magic lamps

The streets lit up with thousand charms

And then with spells she rendered me

A pawn to beauty’s sorcery.

Still I search in dim-lit lanes,

As like wind-blown withered leaves,

In vain for all those wonders lost,

Yearning for that ecstasy

That will not let me be.

Dreaming so of rarest light

I long for sparkling, starlit night

When all the figures fading by,

Will one by one come walking back

And fill my dreams will untold bliss…

Perhaps to be sealed with a kiss.


Robert said...

Queen/s.... a riddle. sometimes even sorcery ceases to be effective and we wait for shadows to cast real magic... very romantic

Robert said...

I came across your queen today.Just suddenly and somewhat awkwardly.Blessed logic and numbers helped me piece it out.Well,well young man,heartiest congratulations and best wishes to both!Wish you a blessed conjugal life!God be with you always!

Abin Chakraborty said...

Thats strange! how, pray tell...

Robert said...

Even saw a picture of hers.The 'how' is very simple actually.Just a number shew you were married.It was so plain.I crosschecked things and bingo! I know stuff.I've lived my years,my experiences.And I am a curious and intelligent person.I'm happy for you. Besties! :)

Abin Chakraborty said...

Thanks for all your wishes mate.
but the fact is that I am still a bachelor.
Will let you know when I tie the knot;)

Robert said...

Ofcourse the knot is tied.So many love poems were born out of the knot.Wedding is just a social ceremony -- marriage is in the mind,didnt Shakespeare say? "The chimes of stars
That praise and bless:
Rejoice!Rejoice!Rejoice!Rejoice!" -- ahem! quoted ya! :P Knotty knotty!