Saturday, August 27, 2011

Online Profile (Status: Available)

I have bought from the mall
All shapes on sale
And stitched into patterns
Of glamour and gloss
That others might favour
And barter their smile
To fatten for slaughter
The purse of the self,
Clutched in the fist
As morsels to the starved. 

Decked to the hilt, on windows I pose
And showcase myself for consumers' gaze.


Amrita Dhar said...

:) yups, we are all on sale. Majhkhaner imagery gulo very strong. Remember Boigyanik of Hirak Rajar Deshe? Suddenly it reminded me of him. The motley dress, the status of being available on sale and the moment of truth -- ami ekaaaaaaa.

Robert said...

Ok wait, one minute. I got a bit confused in the lines. Till slaughter was fine.Then the purse comes in, great, but I feel you shud inject a line between "Clutched in the fist" and "As morsels to the starved".Sounding incomplete somehow.Hope you dont mind that I again tend to poke my nose in your creation.Bear with my poor soul dear friend

Abin Chakraborty said...

I dont mind.Its just a bad poem.dont really feel the need to polish it.lets see if i can enthuse myself to tinker with in future.then i can add the extra line.