Sunday, November 21, 2010

Midnight Musings

Too long the breath of nights –
As I long for a text
To pour out my thoughts
And hope for a nod
Or a glint or a wink
That at least would feign
The hint of a bond
And lift my eyes from caged unrest
That yearns and waits
For musings at night
Which could my soul
Now soothe and bless
With lips that linger with hope and fear
And voice that hums with rhythm and dance
The dreams that roll in lanes of soul
And promise in blaze the hope for a whole
Beyond this rubble I so long have borne.

The tones then clamour and shout from my cell
The news of FLATS and CARS and SALE!


Robert said...

The hint of a bond
To lift my eyes in caged unrest--- somehow this line doesnt really bring out the meaning intended.The "To" seems mistaken in context of "caged unrest".This sentence doesnt sound properly framed.An unintended thematic breakage occurs.Mould this line some other way if possible.

Robert said...

Can you help me?Can you write a poem for me about a man who weeps for his little lost star and prays for it?Poems cannot be tailor-made I know and I apologise,but I am no poet and need your help.Please try and pen some words where I might find some relief.

Abin Chakraborty said...

I will keep the thought in mind. The rest, as you know, is not entirely within my control...