Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tired of receiving such dull replies,
Why should I frame
My lines for her gaze
Which I know this page
Shall never inspect?

The swan doesn't care
What poets observe,
But floats and fades
In a music of its own
And leaves our hearts
In insatiate craze.

These be the lines,
O Heart, take heed:
Words must frame the beauty that leaves
To paint afresh the heart's torn sleeve.


Robert said...

Unrequited love poem? Why,that is a bit unexpected! Guess the poet's trying his varieties now.
Been reading one of Doug Roberson stuff:
Now from the dark, I see your wings
spread and soar as your spirit sings
you've forgotten me and the little things
...with which I'd hoped to win your heart
AAh love! Tricks a sore heart often.Keep trying though,its love after all.And keep penning lines,she just might be roting them,for all you may know. ;)

Sui Generis said...

Loved this one.
Common sentiments...and yet so wonderfully expressed. I have no other words. Just loved this one.