Saturday, March 5, 2011


(For Robert – In Memory of Agha Shahid Ali)

I’ve woven with tears my shawl of fears
And draped our skies tonight.

Still the wind rumbles and roars from depth
My sky, it is crimson tonight!

Troubled and torn, I’ve lost even now
The music of mourning tonight.

Forgive me dear friend, for I cannot weave
The song of your choice tonight.

But your tears are strewn and spangled as stars
On the aanchal of heart tonight,

Where each it glows as rarest of pearls
And sings to my seas, the shore tonight! 


Amrita Dhar said...

Hoy siento en el corazon
un vago temblor de estrellas
pero mi senda se pierde
en el alma de la niebla.
La luz me troncha las alas
y el dolor de mi tristeza
va mojando los recuerdos
en la fuente dela idea. (Lorca)

Today in my heart
a vague trembling of stars,
but my way is lost
in the soul of the mist.
Light lops my wings.
The hurt of my sadness
moistens memories
in thought's fountain.
(Cancion otonal)

Robert said...

This is the best gift I have ever got.I feel very much honoured and I couldnt use words to thank you enough.Overwhelmed.The images were unexplicable.I have no words.You have painted my dream in your beautiful words.Thank you.God bless.May you have your wishes come true.
Could I ask if the poet created the melancholia only for the sake of the poem or are you grieving too?It seems your sky is stormy and your world is frothing insane like an ocean's helplessness.May the chains on the wild horse break and you get what you want.

-->senorita: Saludos bella dama. He leido el poema y me encanto. ¿Es usted español?

Abin Chakraborty said...

Well, Robert, you are one of the few regular readers I have, and if my poems can add a bit of joy to your life, that is the best that a poet can hope for.All art strives for such relevance.I hope I can have that.

Robert said...

Thanks for the soft answer.You have a nice heart.At the initial response I thought you were scolding me,sorry if I have unknowingly annoyed you.I wont ask il'literate' questions again.Promise.And thanks again for penning me these pretty lines.No one would have done that.No one.

Robert said...

Look,I cant write.I have made an effort to thank you by risking an impossibilty.Digest this to your best ability.(By the way,can we have a new post from you?)

Dark nights of lustful stars
Broken cans of rusty tin
In doomed garbages shine
A ghost looms around in
Shady monstrosities of
Bony pasts,searching traces of
Life in the rotten garbage.
Parched for love and blood,
Scattered in cracked glass,
Reflected in the silver moon,
A hunt for the wishful orchids.

Abin Chakraborty said...

Thank you so much Robert...I am working on something.Lets see.

Robert said...

Someone used an awesome line for me today: "You most welcome in my life."
The first time I really loved wrong English.

Abin Chakraborty said...

wonderful!syntax apart, that's what we all wish to hear.

Robert said...

The tail in the twist is that the speaker knew me(that too not in person) only for 3hours before making such a wonderful statement.I guess I am that irrestible! :) yeah,I have been somewhat lucky in these quarters,have heard so many amazing lines,enough for a man to lose his head.Whether they were meant is what I still wonder.8 dears have been hanging around since Jan'11 -- nothing's happening.Not that lucky,huh?Love's not my game I guess!