Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strictly for Men (well...not all)

With pears and peaches and melons thus stacked
With fair, cream and brown and such varied shades
How should I not be distracted and feel
As bees in an orchard in spring?

Unseen in crowds, my veins humming still
I steal a few glances and measure through my gaze
Shapes that'll birth my Madonna on tracks
In these our office-leaving times.

Count me not pervy and trust the dear chef
Who loves the new teasers with lipsmacking grace.


asteria's canvass said...

second of a kind and that too at such a short interval after "pygmalion.."
i hope all well where your heart lies...:)

Anonymous said...

The "bee" line reminded me of John Laroche talking about pollination as love-making.

Dreams on the train from real data...sounds like inspiration for poetry.

Abin Chakraborty said...

Dear Asteria, there are 2 things to note: there's such a thing as a disinterested perception of beauty, however sensual, especially if seen from an artist's perspective - pygmalion was a sculptor and here the speaker may be a painter(madonna on tracks alluding to madonna on the rocks); my poems are NEVER autobiographical as the emily dickinson quote in the blog suggests. so all's well in my world and many thanks for your consistent comments :)

Unknown said...

Hmmmm a new take on fruit salad. Wonderful!